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Fitness & Wellbeing Programme for Mid Life Women

Peri to Post Menopause Stay Active & Feel Good

At ParkerFitnessUK, I specialise in helping midlife women who are looking to get back into fitness and make healthier lifestyle changes. My goal is to provide the information and support to help you make the changes that will have the greatest impact on your health and wellbeing during this period of your life.

Come along to my Tea & Talk - an informal discussion about the menopause followed by afternoon tea


This afternoon is a safe space for women of any age to :


Ask questions 

Gain support from myself and other group members 

Make new friends & connections 

And understand YOU are not alone

I plan to create a place to share your own journey - brain fog,  hormones to happiness and everything in between

Learn about all things Menopause.... 


 understanding hormones imbalances 

 hot flashes/ flushes

 lack of sleep 

 weight gain

 brain fog

 loss of libido

 mood changes


 and so much more..

If you are perimenopausal or menopausal or post meno then this is the place to be or if you have not yet reached any stages you are more than welcome to pop along.


Why choose me and my MenoFit 

Not only because I am a qualified MenoFit Instructor with specific knowledge, a personal trainer,  a fitness instructor and successful business woman, I am exactly where you are now and I want to share my knowledge and support you through your menopause journey.

Showing you ways to help you thrive and not just survive through menopause! 

Interested???  Email me to get on the invitation list - Spaces are Limited

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