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Are the Holidays Stressing You Out???

Are you reaching for the wine every evening to relax?

Here are 5 ways to relax without alcohol

  1. Exercise: Physical activity can help release endorphins, which can reduce stress and improve mood.

  2. Yoga or meditation: Both yoga and meditation can help calm the mind and reduce stress.

  3. Reading: Engaging in a good book can take your mind off of stressors and provide a sense of escapism.

  4. Nature walks: Being outdoors in nature can help reduce stress and improve mood.

  5. Listen to music: Listening to music can help relax the mind, reduce stress, and improve mood.

Yes having a drink can be relaxing, but only in moderation. If you are finding that alcohol is the ONLY way you can unwind, then maybe you should look at some alternatives as mentioned above. As a fitness professional I want you to be healthy both physically and emotionally.


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