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Ever Wonder Why Your Keys are in The Fridge?

Brain fog as a collective term for cognitive issues such as memory and concentration lapses.

During the perimenopause and menopause you might find yourself forgetting choreography, exercise names, muscle names or the names of your members or even teaching tips and skills that you have used all of your life!

It’s a symptom that can really affect our careers.

So why does this occur?

*Hormones are essential in keeping important brain function such as memory and cognition in good working order.

*When these hormones become depleted or lower in level, it often leads to symptoms affecting our memory.

If you are NOTICING Brain fog here are some quick tips to help:

*SELF care is Key - Be kind to yourself.

*Nutrition - Make sure to include lots of oily fish, veg, protein packed foods.

*Managing Stress - Such a hard one when you have a lot going on, but take breaks from teaching, work on a stress management plan that you implement regularly.

*Speak to a Dr if you feel HRT might be for you.

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