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Good News! Portion Control Doesn't Mean Deprivation

  1. One of the easiest ways to control your portions is by using smaller plates and bowls. This can help you eat less without feeling deprived.

  2. Another great tip is to measure out your serving sizes using measuring cups or a food scale. This will help you ensure that you're not overeating and that you're getting the right amount of food for your body's needs.

  3. Avoid eating directly from the container or package. Instead, portion out your food onto a plate or in a bowl. This can help you avoid overeating and make it easier to keep track of how much you're eating.

  4. When you're eating, make sure to slow down and pay attention to how full you feel. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you're full, so take your time and listen to your body.

  5. Lastly, try to avoid eating in front of the TV or while you're distracted. Distractions can make it easy to overeat without even realising it. So, find a quiet place to sit and enjoy your meal, and savour every bite.

Remember, portion control is all about being mindful of what you're eating and making sure you're getting the right amount of food for your body's needs. With a little practice, you'll be able to control your portions and eat in a healthier way!

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