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Personal Training -What is it?


✨Personal Training or PT is exactly that it’s personal - it is for YOU

✨Whatever your goals may be the sessions are designed to help you get there with my motivation & encouragement

✨So, if you want to loose weight, feel better, get fit, train for a specific event, build muscle definition or just be more active, PT sessions can help you

✨The sessions are bespoke to you and your goals and can be tailored to accommodate any conditions or mobility issues you have

✨I can run sessions for up to 3 people so you can train with others and spread the costs

❓Interested❓Message me for details on how I can you reach your goals‼️

If you found this helpful and want more then follow me for more tips and advice on a healthier lifestyle on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

Or if you have any questions just ask, Mary

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