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Personal Training - Who is it for?


✨Personal Training or PT is for Any & Everybody - from the complete Newbie to the regular gym-goer

✨It doesn’t matter wether you are new to fitness or returning from and injury or illness, PT can really help you get going and be more active because each sessions focuses on YOU and you only

✨Or, if you’re a regular gym-goer or very active, PT sessions can you train in different methods to what you do unassisted

✨Age is not a factor either - I have worked with teenagers all the way to clients in their 70’s

✨I have worked with men, women, couples, families & friends - I can run sessions for up to 3 people so you can train with others and spread the costs

❓Interested❓Message me for details on how I can you reach your goals‼️

If you found this helpful and want more then follow me for more tips and advice on a healthier lifestyle on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

Or if you have any questions just ask, Mary

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