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PT - It's forEveryone


✨Personal Training or PT is exactly that it’s personal - it is for YOU

✨Whatever your goals may be the sessions are designed to help you get there with my motivation & encouragement

✨So, if you want to loose weight, feel better, get fit, train for a specific event, build muscle definition or just be more active, PT sessions can help you

✨The sessions are bespoke to you and your goals and can be tailored to accommodate any conditions or mobility issues you have

✨I can run sessions for up to 3 people so you can train with others and spread the costs


✨Personal Training or PT is for Any & Everybody - from the complete Newbie to the regular gym-goer

✨It doesn’t matter wether you are new to fitness or returning from and injury or illness, PT can really help you get going and be more active because each sessions focuses on YOU and you only

✨Or, if you’re a regular gym-goer or very active, PT sessions can you train in different methods to what you do unassisted

✨Age is not a factor either - I have worked with teenagers all the way to clients in their 70’s

✨I have worked with men, women, couples, families & friends - I can run sessions for up to 3 people so you can train with others and spread the costs


✨Personal Training or PT sessions are designed for you and what your goals are - so I bring with me various fitness equipment to help you

✨This may include: dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, a step, medicine ball and other fitness equipment to use throughout the sessions

✨The sessions are usually 1 hour and consist of a warm up, cardio workouts, strength/resistance training and core exercises, with out without equipment, and a cool down/stretch if there’s time.

✨But this depends on what your goals are - if you are wanting to loose weight we may do a more cardio focused sessions; if you want to improve your range of motion we would focus on deep joint mobility and flexibility in the sessions.


✨Personal Training or PT all you need is a yoga mat and space to use it - this could be in your living room, kitchen, garage or even outside

✨I bring all the equipment for up to 3 people so you can do the sessions with friends or family, so you can train with others and spread the costs

✨I can come to you (depending on where you are) so you don’t need a gym membership, to worry about parking or extra travel after work

I still have spaces available if you are interested in PT sessions - just message me for details

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