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✨The sessions are roughly 1 hour long and we begin with a quick warm up of about 5mins to get you going.

✨The workout is written up on a whiteboard for you to follow, but it usually consists of cardio, weight/resistance training and core exercises.

✨I try to mix it up so it’s not the same thing every time but it is similar so you know what the exercises are and how to do them.

✨As always you can take a break whenever you need it, have a drink & catch your breath it’s not a problem and doesn’t interrupt the session.

✨The workout might include:

🔹HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - but all exercises can be modified to suit your fitness level

🔹Step Sequences - but are very basic so there’s no worry about falling over

🔹Mini Circuit - 3 different exercises you move round after a set time

🔹Weight Training - using barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells or a mixture of the 3

🔹Core exercises - mid-section workouts that are either done on the ground or standing; with or without equipment

✨And I make it interesting by doing Challenges, Pyramid workouts, 5x5x5 workouts and other cardio formats.

✨At the end, if there’s time, we’ll do a cool down/stretch and I’ll check to make sure everyone is ok and feels good! 👍🏻

☀️🏖️☀️Small Group Training - Summer Shred ☀️🏖️☀️

⚡️My 6 week programme - Starts May 8th⚡️Early Bird Discount of £45 until 11pm on May 1st⚡️


🔅2 x 1 hr sessions a week

🔅Meal Plans


🔅Support & Accountability all in a Dedicated Facebook Group

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