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Mid Life Women - Why are we on this Crazy Ride?

Let's talk about why menopause can turn your moods into a bit of a carnival ride. Here are five reasons that mood rollercoaster might be in town:

  • Hormone Party: Menopause is like the hormone Olympics. Oestrogen and progesterone, the MVPs of your mood, start doing some crazy flips and dives. With these hormones acting like rowdy party crashers, it's no wonder your moods can go from "life of the party" to "time to retreat to my blanket fort."

  • Brain Buzz: Your brain chemistry gets a remix too. Neurotransmitters, those little communication messengers in your noggin, can start jamming or misfiring. This can lead to mood shifts that make you feel like you're on an emotional seesaw.

  • Sleep Disco: Menopause loves messing with your sleep like it's the DJ at a disco party. Less sleep or poor quality sleep can leave you groggy and grumpy. Imagine a sleep-deprived gremlin – that's not a mood you wanna hang out with.

  • Life Happens: Menopause isn't a one-woman show. Life stuff like family, work, and just adulting in general keeps on truckin'. Throw menopause into the mix, and it's like adding a whole new cast of characters to your life drama. Stress and changes can totally team up with menopause to mess with your mood script.

  • Self-Image Shuffle: Menopause can play mind games with your self-esteem. Body changes, like the sudden appearance of uninvited guests (hello, hot flashes), might have you feeling like your body's doing a rebellious dance routine. That can seriously mess with how you see yourself and how you feel.

So there you have it – menopause isn't just about saying goodbye to periods. It's a whole mood extravaganza that can have your emotions doing the twist and turn. If you're feeling like the emotional rollercoaster has taken over, don't be shy about reaching out to a pro who can help you navigate this wild ride.


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